Managing Custom Time Series

Adding custom time series

Users can upload data not found in the Windham Time Series database via one of two methods.

(1) The Time Series Utility allows users to manage and add proprietary data (returns) for use in the WPA.

(2) The Excel Add-in allows users to upload custom data directly from within Microsoft Excel.

How do WPA databases work?

The WPA uses XML flat files to persist database structures. This facilitates local storage and security management for end-users in accordance with their organizational security policies.

WPA's Main Database

The main database file is named tsdocument.xml and is typically found

<User's Documents Folder>\Windham Files\v3.0\Time Series\tsdocument.xml

The Windham-managed database file is named tsdocument.xml. Users should not attempt to edit or overwrite this file, take caution to save your custom database files using a different file name.

Custom Database

The custom Time Series databases are produced using the Time Series Utility or using the Excel Add-in which saves database as .xml files. The default file name for the custom database is


Users can also create and maintain custom databases in any location of their choosing and can select any filename for this database.

Pointing to a Custom Time Series Data File

The WPA would need to be configured to the location of your custom time series XML database.

  1. Go to the Options screen within the File menu

  2. Browse to the location of your custom time series file in the Custom Time Series Location field

  3. Select your custom time series data file (*.xml)

  4. Save your selection and refresh the database

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